The Myths about Diabetic Feet
By drmoadab
May 30, 2012
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Discussions about Diabetes and feet seem to harbor fear and worry about amputation and with good cause.  There are some myths out there, however, that I need to clarify and shed some light on the matter.  The truth of the matter is that Diabetes is progressive and tends to change with the amount of time you have been diagnosed with the condition.  It also matters how well you’ve been taking care of your Diabetes and overall health.  If your feet are normal and you’ve controlled your Diabetes well, then the risk of a non-traumatic amputation is the same as the non-Diabetic population.  Meaning, you have the same risk as everyone else.  If you develop numbness and circulation changes, the risk goes up quite a bit.  So an annual foot examination is very important.  Getting tested early is also very important if you are experiencing symptoms.  The problem with Diabetes, most patients feel fine and do not have the classic symptoms.  Hence, the disease progresses without the patient noticing.  We think that most of the problems in the Diabetic foot are preventable.  So early detection and treatment is the best approach.  It surprises me to hear that patients wait several years before getting their feet checked. 

This Blog was Written by: Dr Kathryne Rupley, DPM, FACFAS